The Flat Creek Cloggers of Nashville, GA
The"Flat Creek Cloggers" of Nashville, Ga. was formed on Sept. 22, 1994. We meet every Tuesday night from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. at the Flat Creek Community Center on the Nashville,- Enigma Hwy.
Everybody is invited to attend. We dance to all
types of music like Gospel, Bluegrass, Country, and Pop. We Have perform all over the State of Georgia and
some in North Florida. We do Nursing Homes, Festivals, Family Reunion, Hoedowns and more.
If you like to join the fun some Tuesday Night just e-mail us at for direction
Thanks Rita


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youtube - Giddy On Up Girls

Flat Creek Cloggers

Our Dancers

February, 14th Langdale Place 6:30-7:15

March,10th Azalea Festival1:00-1:30

March, 17th Calico Festival 12:30-1:00

April 3 Club's Easter Dinner 6:00-8:00

April 8th Easter Picnic and Egg Hunt Reed Bingham State Park

April,20th Relay For Life 8:30-9:00

April,24th Langdale Place 6:30-7:15

May, 12th Wild Hog Festival


June, 19th Langdale Place 6:30-7:15

July, 4th Indepences Day Ga. Agirama

August,21th Langdale Place 6:30-7:15


October 6th Honey Bee Festrival 11:00-11:30

October 27th Agriama Tifton GA.

October, 23th Langdale Place 6:30-7:15

November, 10th Alapaha Station Celebration 9:20-10:00

November,  10th Calico Festival

November, 20th Thanksgiving Party 6:30-8:00

December 8th Agriama

December, 11th Langdale Place 6:30-7:15

December,   18th Christmas Party 6:30-8:00

December 25th Merry  Christmas

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